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Agricultural Applications

Amanos provides farmers with precise analysis of their cultivated fields at specific intervals using the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicles in the agriculture sector. With centimeter-level precision, we offer detailed insights into the condition of cultivated lands both before and after pesticide application, enabling farmers to save costs and maximize yields.

Multispectral Imaging

In areas where we conduct multispectral imaging, we generate maps for products with five different indices. These maps allow us to determine stress conditions, potential causes, developmental stages, as well as the amount of chlorophyll and nutrients in the products relative to each other. Through academic research and field studies, we have developed and validated NDVI, GNDVI, LCI, NDRE, and OSAVI indices. These indices provide our farmers and business partners with the opportunity for more efficient and effective irrigation, pesticide application, and fertilization.

As a result, we enable our farmers and business partners to save costs and time while enhancing their productivity through regional applications. Regardless of the agricultural product, we provide our farmers with 2D RGB maps of their lands and maps produced with five different indices, along with recommendations for necessary measures.

15 Acres = 10 Minutes


Comparison of Satellite Imagery and UAV Multispectral Imaging

There are differences between UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) multispectral imaging and satellite imagery due to factors such as distance, cloud cover, sunlight reflection angles, satellite position, and more.

UAV imaging provides information that is so clear, accurate, and instantaneous that it may not be obtainable through satellite imagery due to location or adverse weather conditions. While satellite imagery cannot be regularly obtained due to location or weather issues, UAV imaging can be done on-demand. This allows our business partners to avoid paying for unused images and results in cost savings.

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